Lisa Walsh

Operating Advisor


Lisa Walsh joins the Operating Advisor team with significant experience in consumer product goods, market research, and big data.

Most recently, Lisa was the CEO of Truco Enterprises, a domestic snack manufacturer with annual sales of $170+ million. Prior to Truco, Lisa held several large brand and operations roles within PepsiCo, including Senior Director of Franchise Development, VP of PepsiCo Grocery Sales, SVP and General Manager of "One PepsiCo", the top 50 retail customers, and SVP of Frito-Lay Sales & Marketing, where she led the restructuring of the field sales and marketing organization. Prior to joining PepsiCo, Lisa held roles with both Nielsen and Information Resources, Inc. In 2016, Lisa became SVP & General Manager of the $1.4B Costco Global Partnership, managing all lines of PepsiCo products inside the membership warehouse giant for both domestic and international. Lisa serves as the Board Chair of Network of Executive Women and Board Advisor to Spark Resultants, an artificial intelligence SaaS platform solutions provider.